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The C.O.P “Case of Pain” is a pepper spray carrier that promotes a discreet carry method.

The COP is a high intensity pepper spray housed in a discrete carrying case. It is equipped with an easy to use, but secure activation button. The surprise factor that The COP provides can triple the effects compared to a standard product. 

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Military/Police Grade Pepper Spray

In comparison the average key chain carrier contains 10-15 grams of spray or less. The COP houses 1.5 ounces. A one second burst is the entire contents of the average key chain carrier. Most companies have one formula for civilians, and one for police. Tracer Security only uses true military/ police grade pepper spray.

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The C.O.P.

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Discreet & Effective

A discreet carry method promotes the fastest reaction time of any pepper spray carrier on the market.

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Small Yet Powerful LED Light

A four LED light is mounted inside the cartridge. It is small, but powerful for its size. It is activated by pressing the side button with the thumb. It can also be used as an aiming device.