Our Story




Hi, I’m Steve, founder of Tracer Security Consultants. My professional life has taken me from being a street Cop, Army veteran, to a ten-year career working for the CIA as a security contractor conducting covert security operations. I have over 20 years of field experience under my belt. I’ve retired from fieldwork. I now focus on consulting and designing self-defense products for women.

Several years ago, I was asked to give a pepper spray class to a group of professionals. In preparing for the presentation. I contacted the major pepper spray companies, for up to date information and products. I found the quality of products to be antiquated and current instruction outdated. The current instruction is a throwback to law enforcement techniques and defensive handgun strategies. They have very little relevance to the lone female who will be faced with a violent confrontation.

Practical field experience led me to rethink pepper spray strategies

I gained a lot of practical experience using pepper spray as a police officer working in high crime areas. I had a high success rate with a few exceptions. I learned from those failures and designed my products and strategies to overcome those deficiencies. My mission is to design pepper spray products and adapt techniques suited to the civilian female with no defensive skills. Quality products and a simple disciplined strategy is the key to success.  For the lone female success means escaping to a place of safety. I want to help her with a plan for that. It will revolve around maximizing the effects of pepper spray. It will also consist of a pre-planned course of action for before and after she sprays her adversary.

Upping the Game

The only notable change since the introduction mace(CS gas) in the late '60s was the introduction of Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray) in the early '90s. Other then that very little has changed. Corporate America is fat and happy taking in huge profits off of cheap pieces of plastic with low-grade formulas. Tracer Security is here to challenge the status quo and take women’s defense to the next level.